Submit Your Work

Whether it’s poetry or a long form narrative piece, City Writers Room is interested in submissions from writers and artists. Here are our terms:

  1. Maximum Words: No more than 1000 for non-fiction, and up to 5000 words for fiction. No more than 50 lines for poetry.

Topics should in some way be connected to a city theme:

  1. It will take six weeks or less before you receive a reply from us.
  2. Please note that those submitting are “contributors”. All pieces are subject to a licensing term (6 months). Contributors are then free to take back their pieces if they would like to use them elsewhere.
  3. All articles should have a byline attached. This should not exceed more than a sentence and should state a brief gist of the piece.
  4. All articles should also contain a brief synopsis of the piece. Max. 50 words. This may be used in promotion of your piece on social media platforms.
  5. All contributors should attach a brief bio of themselves.
  6. If byline, synopsis and bios are not included, we mention that the respective pieces may not be considered to publish on City Writers Room.
  7. When sending your articles, please label them as follows: first & last name_article name. Eg: DanBrown_DaVinciCode.

Please send your work to