Carole Allsop

Carole Allsop’s background is in language teaching and training, and she writes educational and assessment material for several publishers and organisations. After completing a course in Narrative Non-Fiction Writing at City University she has broadened the scope of her writing and tends to write with an interest in what makes us humans behave the way we do.



Ellen Photo

Based in London and working internationally, Ellen O’Hara is a freelance business strategist, researcher, coach and facilitator.  Once more at home with numbers than words, she writes at the crossroads of creativity, culture and community in the city.


Amanda Riddick

I’ve been enthralled by words for as long as I can remember and have been juggling with them both professionally and personally for most of my life, as writer, reader, editor, singer, translator, education officer, librarian and literacy supporter. If someone asked me, “why do you write?”, I wouldn’t be able to answer; I just do. I particularly like the astonishing things that peer out through the cracks of everyday life.

-Amanda Riddick


Xavier Masson Leach

Xavier Masson-Leach is a writer and editor living in Sydney who is interested in history, politics, culture and eavesdropping.