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© Sandra Teles. All Rights Reserved.

Create new landscapes to the ones we know.


Pricked most by our familiar,

Flesh and blood inseparable.

They lie inside us.

We in them.


Insensible reason, deafening words

Distorts our clarity.

We eventually accept

In exchange for comfort.


When the north winds invade

Baring our skin

Parched. Scathed. Hungry.

There’s shelter to find

In their nest.


Patience frustrates the young

As the elders drink from their reserves —

The heart pumps faster

Escape is near


Tomorrow we’ll leave

The cord uncut

We’ll draw a fresh picture

Dream of terrains unheard.

Create new landscapes

To the ones we know.



  1. That last line is so powerful and really resonates with me at this time in my life –

    Create new landscapes

    To the ones we know.

    • Sandra Teles says

      Hi Maryn,

      Thank you for visiting and leaving your thoughts.

      Much appreciated.

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